WRc is an Independent Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Growth. We operate across different sectors including Water, Environment, Gas and Resource Management. Our clients include regulators, water and gas utility companies, governmental organisations, NGOs, trade organisations, industrial manufacturers and waste management companies.

Building on a legacy in the international water and environment sector stretching back over 90 years, combined with the knowledge of approximately 120 staff based in Swindon, we bring a shared purpose of discovering and delivering new and exciting solutions that enable our clients to meet the challenges of the future.

WRc recognises the benefits of collaboration as a driver of innovation. By exploiting our knowledge and legacy, combined with exciting and appropriate technology and continuously developing our professional networks, we are establishing a reputation of being client-centred professionals, who work with our clients to develop and implement valued solutions. Our strategic priorities are achieving revenue growth, improving profitability and delivering exceptional service. Achievement of these allows us to continue to supply our clients with the innovative solutions they require.

At WRc, we strive to be established innovation leaders and every innovation is underpinned by technical expertise. Our people are our greatest resource and the most important building block for commercial success. Hence, everything we do is founded on attracting exceptional people and implementing a programme of continuous leadership, professional and commercial development.