Water Quality Modelling

WRc’s Catchment Management Team develop models
to ensure compliance with environmental regulations

WRc’s customers need to be confident that discharges to the aquatic environment are compliant with environmental regulations.

The Regulators need to be confident that changes to operating practices are not detrimental to water quality. Climatic changes are affecting discharge conditions and both dischargers and regulators need to understand the potential impact this could have on water quality.

WRc's catchment modelling provides water quality modelling solutions from the river basin district to the urban catchment to ensure any discharges are compliant with environmental regulations; to identify integrated pollution management solutions and to support the development and implementation of catchment management plans.

We use a comprehensive suite of modelling tools which integrate demand for potable water, its abstraction and how this translates through to point source and diffuse pollution impacts from both urban and non-urban sources to assess environmental impacts in receiving waters. Rainfall modelling tools allow the impact of historic and future climate change to be analysed and predicted.

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