Small Pipe Blockage Rig

This facility is used to carry out controlled
experiments into solids transportation and
formation for sewer blockages

The low flow and blockage test rig is a platform on which drainage pipes can be installed to replicate the small diameter building drainage close to properties. The rig totally adjustable, 20 metres long but can be extended to 40 metres if required and can incorporate bends, lateral connections etc. Flows of any volume or wave profile can be generated either by measured discharges or by a range of kitchen or bathroom appliances such as toilets, washing machines or sinks.

The facility has been used to support research projects undertaken by WRc by providing practical testing of the transport of solids and development of blockages under different hydraulic conditions and also for testing commercial products such as wet wipes, colostomy bags medical wipes etc prior to marketing to establish if they disintegrate in the drain, how far they are carried by successive flow waves or whether and how they cause blockages.

Dr Leo Carswell head of technology Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865000