Sewerage Training Modules

WRc’s Sewer Operations team have been at the forefront of training, research and analysis work to provide a more proactive focus to sewer system failures.

Through training and understanding of the mechanisms and causes of failures which lead to sewer system issues and flooding, costly and avoidable network problems can be avoided.

  • Sewer Operations and Maintenance Management. Duration: 3 days
    Sewer operators are under increased pressure to reduce the impact of failures on customers and the environment. Sewer systems comprise a variety of components with different failure risks and maintenance requirements.  To effectively manage these risks, different maintenance approaches are therefore applicable to each different component.

  • Manhole Cover Installation. Duration: 1 day
    The need to use correct installation and reinstallation practices for gully grates and manhole covers.
  • Design of Foul Sewers for Adoption by Water Companies. Duration: 1 day
    What’s new in the move from Sewers for Adoption to the Adoption Code? Mandatory adoption in Wales and the new Adoption Codes in England give new challenges to foul drainage designers. Customer expectations have changed massively in the last generation and this needs to be reflected not only in the design of housing, but also in the design of the drainage. The design of foul sewer networks in new developments is must meet the needs of the developer, the adopting authority and the future residents.
  • Trenchless Technology Manual. Duration: 1 day
    This training module will provide an overview of the vast range of techniques available, details of their individual advantages and limitations and guide the delegate in making appropriate technique selection choices.
  • Drain Repair Book 4th Edition. Duration: 2 days
    The aim of the training module is to improve understanding of the cost-effective use of this key maintenance discipline. It examines the investigation and repair of domestic, light industrial drains and private sewage treatment systems and identifies the key decisions for selecting appropriate repair techniques.
  • Patch Lining Repairs. Duration: 1 day
    The training module provides a comprehensive overview of the generic repair technique including appropriate use, advantages and limitations, cost efficiencies and available techniques. The second half includes a demonstration of local patch lining repair on an above-ground pipe.
  • Highway Drainage Design Guide. Duration: 2 days
    The design and improvement of highway drainage systems.
  • Model Contract for Sewer Condition Inspection. Duration: 1 day
    Appreciation of the need for the correct specification of CCTV sewer condition surveys. This will lead to better CCTV performance and reduced costs.
  • MSCC Training (International only). Duration: 3 days
    This globally recognised WRc training module is for professionals working with key aspects of sewer and manhole inspection, assessment as well as the condition coding, and follows recognised specifications laid out in the 5th Edition of the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC5).
  • Building Over Sewers. Duration: 1 day
    Building over a sewer is not just about preventing damage to a pipe. The considerations also needs to include the risks to building and how to access the sewer if maintenance is required. Building over sewers in England and Wales is regulated through the Building Regulations Part H4, but the legal rights of other parties also need to be considered. Solutions need to reflect the practicalities of the developer but also the building owner and the owner of the sewer.
  • Planned Sewer Cleaning. Duration: 1 day
    This training module is designed to equip supervisors and middle managers with the principles of industry best practice for sewer network cleansing activities include rodding, high pressure water jetting and mechanical cleansing to ensure the safe  and effective use of cleansing techniques to proactive sewer cleansing operations  to improve sewer network performance and reliability.
  • Pumping Station Maintenance. Duration: 2 days
    The management of sewage network pumping station operation  and maintenance.

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