WRc’s Ash Factory and Expert
Hazard Assessment Service


WRc’s unique “Ash Factory” offers comprehensive sample preparation, analytical testing, data interpretation and expert hazard assessment service under WM3 (http://bit.ly/1SQ2SL6) guidance for incinerator bottom ash from UK energy from waste facilities.

From sample receipt to delivery of the core hazardous property assessment under the ESA Protocol in less than 10 days (premium service also available), we provide assurance and evidence to clients that the ash intended for reprocessing continues to be non-hazardous. This in turn gives reprocessors access to over 1 million tonnes of IBA per year for ash to aggregate, makes a significant contribution to the UK’s resource efficiency measures to support the circular economy, and avoids £155M annual costs for hazardous landfill disposal.

Dr. Kathy Lewinhead of waste & resources Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865000