Accuracy of District Metering

District, or DMA, meters play a vital role in network and leakage management and reporting. Reductions in leakage remain a key objective for the water industry and the regulators. Data from district meters is used to identify areas where leakage is increasing and hence prioritise leakage control activities. The DMA meters are also increasing being used to modulate pressure reduction valves (PRV’s) to balance pressure and demand and are a key input into the smart networks systems currently in development.It is essential therefore that influences on the accuracy and performance of these meters are well understood to ensure good data quality.

This project, for UKWIR, identified those key influences and reviewed the available evidence as to their impact on the current UK district metering stock. The findings of this project will enable water companies to prioritise investment, for example, in meters for replacement where age or other factors are compromising accuracy. It will improve the quality of district metering data leading to improvements in leakage management and reporting, and the effectiveness of new approaches, such as flow modulated pressure reduction and smart networks.

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