Potable Water Training Modules

WRc have a 90 year legacy of supporting the water sector with technology assessment, data analytics and training to provide potable water to the UK and international water companies.

Our training modules provide operations teams and management with the knowledge and technical skills to address the challenges faced in providing potable water to customers.

  • Valve Operations. Duration: 1 day
    The operation of valves in a distribution network, to facilitate mains rehabilitation and replacement projects and many other frequent operational activities, can lead to increased velocity and pressure. Increases in velocity can be the cause of water quality complaints. Pressure transients can travel through the distribution system and cause very high pressures that will have a disruptive effect on the network, including bursts. This training module will give participants an understanding of the impacts of valving operations, with the practical ability to operate valves safely without causing disruption to the network.
  • Meter Auditing and Verification. Duration: 1 day
    To provide an understanding of different approaches to in situ meter verification in the water industry, and how they can be deployed to improve confidence in metered data or support regulatory compliance.
  • A Guide to Water Service Pipes. Duration: 0.5 day
    The supply pipe is the part of water service pipe between the property boundary and the internal stop tap and connects a property to the water distribution main. This part of the water network is not currently owned by the water company, although service performance is measured at the point of delivery into a property.
  • Hydraulic Network Modelling. Duration: 2 days
    This training module is designed to engage with managers, engineers and technicians within a water supply utility to provide an introduction to hydraulic network modelling; give insight into how a utility can benefit from building a network modelling team; and demonstrate the technical processes involved in implementing a network modelling strategy. The training module is typically delivered over a two day period in a  classroom environment.
  • Discolouration in Water Networks - Defining Areas at Risk.Duration: 1 day
    This training module will introduce the concept of discolouration in clean water networks to technicians, operators, engineers and scientists who are new to the water industry or new to the field of potable water quality. Over a day it will cover the basics on causes of discolouration, how to monitor for discolouration in the network and interventions to mitigate discolouration events. The training module will take the form of lectures and participant exercises.
  • Sewer Rising Main Design and Operation. Duration: 3 days
    Rising mains are not like other sewers, they are an integral part of any pumping system and designers and operators need to consider them as such. The pumping station operations managers must therefore understand the rising mains as well as the pumping stations. Poor design of rising mains can lead to poor performance of pumping stations and reduced asset life of both pumps and rising mains. Rising mains failures often have a high environmental impact and repairs and rehabilitation can be very costly.
  • Metering Source to Tap. Duration: 1.5 days
    To increase understanding of water meter technology and how to improve the collection of flow data from source to tap.
  • MCERTS for Water. Duration: 1 day
    To improve understanding of the various MCERTS schemes that affect water monitoring and improve regulatory compliance.
  • Network Water Quality. Duration: 2 days
    There are many factors which influence water quality in the network after leaving the treatment works. Networks should be designed to minimise the risk of water quality deteriorating, but often engineers and scientists need to analyse complex systems  which have legacy issues. This training module will deal with the design of new networks, the analysis of existing systems and what actions can be taken to improve water quality for customers.

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