Large Flow Loop

This facility is used for the development
and testing of closed pipe flow meters,
cleaning and inspection systems

WRc’s large flow loop facility is based at its Swindon site. The rig is fitted with above and below ground sections of pipe. These are fed with clean water which is supplied by a large pump with a variable speed drive, which along with control valves on the rig, gives excellent flow control and stability over a wide operating range of up to 120l/s. The facility is used for development and testing work on closed pipe flow meters, water mains operations, cleaning and inspection systems. The above ground section includes a straight run of over 40m, into which the test sections of pipe can be fitted. Pipes ranging from 20mm to 400mm in diameter can be inserted into these test sections. WRc can offer a full and confidential testing and experimental service. Alternatively the flow facility is available for hire with full technical support.


Dr Leo Carswell head of technology Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865000