In-house Laboratory Testing


WRc has specialist facilities for preparing large and challenging samples for onward analysis. We have a range of shredders, grinders and disc mills suitable for a wide variety of large volume wastes, fuels, feedstocks, residues and products and to support our developmental work.

WRc’s waste characterisation laboratories are UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for a suite of anaerobic and aerobic tests on untreated and treated solid wastes from waste treatment. We are also BCS-approved for the residual biogas potential (RBP) test, the cornerstone of the Anaerobic Digestion Quality Protocol.

WRc experts are able to undertake bespoke test set-ups on products and wastes to accommodate non-routine test requirements.

These include running tests at different seed to substrate ratios to assess microbial inhibition, variable time frames and undertake sacrificial testing for compound biodegradation studies to inform environmental fate and behaviour studies.

Our in-house testing services include:

  • bulk sample preparation
  • compositional sorting (standard or bespoke categories)
  • biodegradability testing (anaerobic, aerobic, bespoke) e.g.
    • biochemical methane potential (BMP, BMc, BM28)
    • residual biogas potential (RBP)
    • real dynamic respiration index (RDRI) to assess the stability of solid recovered fuel 
    • four day aerobic tests ( DR4, AT4)
  • sequential chemical extraction to support metal speciation
  • compliance monitoring (management, reporting & interpretation) e.g. ESA incinerator bottom ash (IBA) protocol (,  Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme (LATS) ( PAS 100 & PAS 110
  • acid digestible fibre tests for total biomass determination and fibre indentification (e.g. lignin and cellulose)
  • loss on ignition/volatile solids
  • dry matter

WRc's waste doctors also offer management of complex testing programmes using a basket of approved external laboratories, laboratory treatment trials and bespoke characterisation to help industry recover value from waste.

Carolina Cabrera waste co-ordinator