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For over 20 years WRc have been inspecting the health of critical infrastructure such as trunk mains, rising mains and other large diameter pipes using our proprietary platform, Sahara®. In the last five years WRc have broadened the suite of inspection tools to include other leading platforms such as SmartBall® and PipeDiver® from Pure Technologies (Xylem). No other pipeline management or inspection company is better placed to understand and improve the performance of your underground assets. We also have trusted partners who can deliver leakage detection and repair services across all types of buried infrastructure.

Find details on specific survey capabilities, and case studies of successful deployment and outcomes for our clients below.

Yields from trunk mains ALC can be further maximised by enhancing flow balance data with our expert knowledge of meter uncertainty. We offer a full range of flow measurement support including accuracy testing on meters of all sizes at our site in Swindon. We also offer in-field meter audit and verification, drawing upon our best practice guidance to identify the most cost effective way to deliver verification for all meter types, sizes and installation layouts. All verification activities ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.





Case Studies



Pat Boyle Technical Sales Manager