Environmental Risk Assessment

Expert assessment of environmental risks from waste
production, treatment and recovery

WRc works with the industrial manufacturing and waste management sectors to identify sustainable waste recovery options which deliver financial flexibility whilst lessening environmental risks. We also support UK regulators and trade associations in gathering evidence for consistent policy development.

Our team of process engineers, toxicologists, chemists, statisticians, hydrogeologists and waste scientists have decades of experience in:

  • Completing qualitative and quantitative risk assessments (human, plant and animal health and the wider environment) to support end of waste applications;
  • Air (odour and bioaerosol). The design and modelling of land and water compliance monitoring programme;
  • Contaminant flow and hydrogeological conceptual modelling (MODFLOW, R&D P20, ConSim, LandSim and use of bespoke spreadsheet tools);
  • Quantitative microbial risk assessment; and
  • Design and implementation of large scale field trials to support waste treatment and recovery (e.g. process optimisation, wastewater polishing and biomass production and suitability).
Jane Turrell principal consultant