Distribution & Leakage Management

Ensuring clean drinking water 24/7

Our water distribution team is experienced in leakage management with particular expertise in establishing sustainable economic levels of leakage (SELL) as well as distribution and abstraction metering. We have particular expertise and strategic understanding of trunk mains failures through our experience working with Sahara colleagues who carry out trunk mains leakage surveys. In depth knowledge of flow measurement technologies, meter test facilities and strategic use of network data through statistical analysis allows us to provide advice on appropriate measurement technologies and meter replacement strategy.

We explore and develop new flow measurement techniques and methods which help move the utility industry forward in managing networks. We also have expertise in developing drinking water safety plans and managing water quality in distribution.

Managing energy costs within distribution is important and our teams are experienced in pump optimisation and optimal pump replacement strategies. We have also undertaken work to compare operational practices in water distribution with equivalent practices in gas distribution, in order to identify opportunities for an exchange of ideas between these two sectors.

Carmen Snowdon Principal Consultant Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865000