Catchment Management Solutions

WRc’s Catchment Management Team supports clients to develop
cost-effective solutions to environmental problems.

Environmental evidence provides the basis for assessing the state of the environment, developing sustainable management solutions and evaluating the effectiveness of policy implementation. WRc appreciates the critical importance and value of scientifically robust information to policy makers and decision takers.

We provide the advice, support and tools required to implement cost-effective solutions to today's environmental problems. Trusted by the water industry and by European and UK regulators alike, we are often the first port of call for authoritative information on which to base strategic environmental decisions.

The WRc Environmental Evidence team have expert knowledge and a detailed understanding of the response of the aquatic environment to a wide range of human pressures. We offer a combination of state of the art scientific knowledge, robust statistical interrogation of empirical data and high level catchment modelling techniques to compile and independently assess environmental evidence in the context of existing policy landscape.

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