Asset Resilience   

WRc’s Asset Resilience team delivers evidence-based advice to utilities on how, where and when to invest in their physical assets for the medium and long term. This advice is underpinned by engineering and operational expertise combined with one or more statistical, reliability, hydraulic and water quality models to deliver a multi-objective, optimal investment plan.

By blending data science, economics and specialist engineering modelling techniques, we offer clients a diverse range of services including:

  • Predictive modelling of asset health for optimal investment planning
  • Network water quality advice and consultancy to improve water quality compliance and reduce operational costs
  • Totex modelling and carbon footprinting using our TR61 software
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy development
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of water and wastewater facilities, including reservoirs and treatment processes
  • Development of (and compliance with) asset standards, such as EN 752
  • Advice on CESWI and Sewerage Risk Management (SRM) best practice

Featured Projects

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