WRc wins contract to establish an effective disinfection policy

October 24, 2018 Categories: Latest News

A UK Water Company has expressed its intention to apply best practice and demonstrate increased due diligence to the regulator and their customers. As a result WRc were approached to apply this concept as the basis for establishing an effective disinfection policy.


The project will deliver a:-


  • Disinfection Policy: based on consistent good practice drawn from guidance available from WHO, EU and implemented in member states (most notably Netherlands & Sweden), Australia, United States of America and Canada with consideration given  to making the output consistent with DWI’s Regulation 26 requirements;

  • Compliance Assessment Tool: an MS Excel based tool to assess the adequacy of a range of treatment methods applied to water sources to eliminate pathogens for:

    1. Groundwater not known to be under the influence of surface water with minimal treatment,

    2. Groundwater impacted with surface water with marginal chlorination,

    3. Groundwater impacted with surface water with full chlorination,

    4. Surface water with conventional physical treatment (clarification and rapid gravity filtration) and full chlorination, and

    5. Surface water with slow sand filtration and full chlorination.

The project will enable:

  • Alignment of the disinfection policy with international best practice and improved reputational standing;

  • Improved understanding of necessary disinfection protocols and disinfection activities made; accessible to managers and operators of a range of different water sources and treatment processes;

  • Reduction in customer and corporate risk;

  • Demonstrating due diligence to the water quality regulator with an evidenced supported approach to ensuring the microbiological safety of drinking water.

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