WRc to support the Utility Regulator of Northern Ireland with the provision of professional services

October 03, 2019 Categories: Latest News

WRc is providing support to the Utility Regulator of Northern Ireland (URegNI) with the provision of onsite professional services relating to the PC21 Price Control and Annual Monitoring process.  The work includes analysis and technical assessments to assist the network assets manager in discharging the Utility Regulator’s duties in relation to water regulation and in particular the PC21 price control process.


The work will also encompass  the  review and critical assessment of Northern Ireland Water’s (NIW) capital investment proposals, including scope, cost and efficiency. WRc will also provide assistance with the monitoring of NIW service levels, including water quality monitoring, discharge consents, mains pressure and sewer flooding performance. Furthermore WRc will assist URegNI with the monitoring and analysis of NIW development plans, operations and maintenance strategies, assessment of business cases and preparation of a range of critical reports. 


The support to URegNI in the form of a secondment is scheduled to be for an initial period of 3 months with the possibility of an extension beyond that depending on business need.

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