WRc to start onsite trials of BioCube

September 27, 2019 Categories: Latest News

Across the UK there is a need to improve or upgrade wastewater treatment works (WwTW) to:

  • reduce the risk of compliance failure

  • increase treatment capacity

  • reduce costs

Often there is a need to support WwTW performance in the short to medium term pending future planned investment and periodically, new / novel technologies emerge that offer the potential to meet such needs. Water and sewerage companies, however, need to undertake on-site trials to evaluate the performance of such technologies to validate manufacturer’s claims prior to investing widely in such technologies.

Once such technology is BioCube which has generated a lot of interest amongst UK water companies and a number of ad hoc site trials have been undertaken. An independent trial of the technology and evaluation of data from existing installations is therefore required to determine the technology’s capability.

The BioCube technology works by dosing non indigenous bacteria that facilitate an increase in the direct bacterial food supply for indigenous species. This takes place in the primary settlement tanks and thereby reduces the strain on secondary treatment processes such as filter beds, ASPs or RBCs.

This collaborative research project will analyse existing BioCube data and findings from the WRc trial results to evaluate the performance claims attributed to the BioCube technology. Subject to the findings, the aim will be to build confidence in the product and allow the water industry to procure the system with greater confidence.


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