WRc supporting UK Water Framework Directive – Review of UKTAG flow standards

January 17, 2018 Categories: Latest News

On Tuesday 9th January, Vicki Bewes of WRc’s Catchment Management Team, attended the UKTAG Water Resources Task Team (WRTT) Workshop in Birmingham to consider the revision of the UK Water Framework Directive (WFD) river flow standards, bringing together expertise from across UK regulatory and conservation agencies and academic communities to form part of the review process.

As part of the workshop Vicki presented the findings of a recent typology analysis project done on behalf of the Environment Agency by WRc across England, Wales and Scotland. This looked into the effects of changes in flow on macro-invertebrate communities and the ways in which these relationships vary in different types of rivers; and specifically whether the current system of river typologies can be improved to better reflect the sensitivity of macro-invertebrates to these changes.

The workshop generated significant discussion and the outcomes will now be considered in more detail by the WRTT to determine whether changes can be made to the current typology system or what further research is needed.

WRc are pleased to have been a part of this important review, and a very well done to Vicki on her excellent presentation and contributions.

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