WRc puts staff development first, offering ‘Introduction to the Water Industry’ course for new starters

July 20, 2017 Categories: Articles Latest News

At WRc we pride ourselves on the staff development initiatives that are available. As we often employ recent graduates, our new starters may have little prior experience of the sectors WRc operates in. However, we aim to provide new employees with all the information they need, to enable them to work in a professional and supportive environment. This week’s ‘Introduction to the UK water industry’ course was also particularly helpful for colleagues who have recently changed roles within WRc.

The course was designed to provide a history and overview of the UK drinking water and waste water industries. Colleagues who attended worked across many different departments within WRc, coming from both technical and commercial backgrounds. Katharine Bant, Brand Assistant at WRc, said: “I have worked at WRc since April this year and had no prior experience of the water industry. The course was pitched at exactly the right level, helping me gain a wider understanding of the types of projects WRc works on. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the history behind sewer development in London, and how early scientists identified ways to prevent the spread of water borne diseases like Cholera. It was also really useful to learn more about the role of OfWat and the AMP cycles that water companies operate in”.

WRc would like to thank Ceris Van de Vyver and The Institute of Water for delivering the course.

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