WRc Open Innovation Day - Learning from Other Sectors
24th April 2013
WRc, Swindon (Location Map

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You know that innovation has occurred when you find that you’re no longer talking about the same old problems that used to occupy your time; something has changed for the better. WRc is committed to leading the water sector in achieving this change. 

The WRc 2013 Open Innovation Day will build on the success of the event held last April and will bring together representatives of water and wastewater companies, regulators, experts, technologists and innovators to debate the questions that the sector needs to answer. The themes for 2013 are "Innovation - Learning from Other Sectors", “Innovative Approaches to Engage with Customers" and "Assessing the Big Challenges"

The day will include presentations, focussed workshops, an exhibition showcase of innovations from the supply chain and research in action from WRc. 

By attending you will: 

  • Learn how other sectors have achieved innovation.
  • Understand how innovative approaches to communication are engaging customers.
  • Contribute to developing answers to the challenges that face the sector.
  • Network and explore how together we can change the sector. 

The event will be attended by around 200 delegates from utility companies, government, suppliers, technology experts and universities. The event is free to attend and will aim to demonstrate how an open approach to innovation can benefit all stakeholders.