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Waste and Resources - Autumn 2019

Our team has been busy doing clever stuff with ash, WEEE plastics, a synchrotron, geopolymer cements…..see below…. or come and talk to WRc’s #wastedoctors on stand Q82 at RWM on 11th & 12th September. Pop in and say hello, put a name to team faces, or let us know if you have a problematic waste you want help with!
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Updates from the WRc Team

Ash Factory

A big welcome to the 6 new energy recovery facilities that have joined our family of ash factory clients this year including Wheelabrator Technologies’ Parc Adfer facility in Deeside (see photo). WRc is supporting these facilities during the start-up monitoring and classification of their incinerator bottom ash during commissioning. This is an essential step in the ash being recycled as an aggregate, replacing virgin materials and supporting the circular economy. Someone is always at the end of the WRcAsh email or phone to explain data and plots, arrange in vitro tests, couriers or buckets, or advise on which samples should go for what testing.

Trade associations:

We’ve also been busy helping trade associations with national sampling and testing programmes to support their negotiations with the regulator(s). There are a number of large and difficult waste streams that have problematic contaminants for characterisation and classification and we are helping ICER, ESA and MIBAAA amongst others.

Speciation of metals in ash:

The waste doctors have been busy furthering their understanding of metal speciation in ash from different treatment technologies and feedstocks. In addition to chemical speciation and modelling we have been to the Diamond Light Source synchrotron and used techniques in our labs to pre-concentrate metals in samples with early successes.

TOC in ash:

Do you have a problem meeting ash permit compliance limits for TOC? We have been looking into a potential analytical issue. Do you want to join our mini-study to sort it out? See our latest flier  via the link below or contact us now.

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Geopolymer cements:

We can help you use your wastes as substitute materials in geopolymer cements, including hazardous wastes. We can design the mix, do the testing and get you to market. See our latest flier for information.

Geopolymers and substitute cements – turning waste in to £


Need thermal treatment process advice?

Our team has a bunch of chemical engineers who are able to help you with process related issues. If you need help to investigate, understand and optimise process operating conditions, especially if any optimisation would improve ash characterisation, we are well placed to help you achieve this. Our team’s background in high temperature process engineering means there’s a wealth of knowledge to tap into. We can also provide guidance for the determination of Best Available Techniques (BAT) for any plant upgrades required and if you are struggling to meet permit limits.

Waste Management Contract Review

Reviewing your waste management contracts soon? Need support in selecting the right waste management partner? We can help. See our new flier here. Click to read more



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