WRc launch new ‘One Stop Shop’ for water meter testing

July 07, 2017 Categories: Articles Latest News


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Independent water meter testing from 15mm to 150mm

WRc has commissioned a new water meter test rig to enhance their established meter testing capabilities. The new rig provides additional capacity for accuracy and performance testing of small meters, i.e. those sized 15mm to 30mm which are used to measure water supplied to household customers and a large proportion of commercial premises.

The new rig complements the existing large meter rig which is primarily used for meters from 40mm up to 150 mm. Both rigs are fully instrumented and will provide test results to National Standards. This enables WRc to offer a “one stop shop” for meter testing that covers more than 99% of the meters used in the water industry. All test rigs are further supported by specialist facilities for investigating the effects of long-term wear on meters.

WRc services include dispute testing of customer meters, testing in support of meter under-registration analysis, testing and evaluation of new meters and many more. For more information please email Andy Godley or call him on 01793 865060.

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