WRc Infrastructure team carries out 9 successful Sahara surveys in Spain

August 23, 2017 Categories: Articles Latest News

WRc Infrastructure recently sent a survey team to Bilbao, Spain, to carry out surveys on a 1200mm steel main that had been out of service for over 10 years. The local water company, Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia, was looking to put it back into service following a pumping station upgrade.

Prior to reintroducing it, Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia wanted a full survey of the main to be completed, to assess for potential leakage. They decided to use Sahara because of its extremely accurate location and surface marking capabilities.

Seven surveys were carried out, covering 2.4km of main with only 1 leak found. This was a great result for the client who had been concerned that there were many more leaks that would require repair. As the surveys for the 1200mm main were completed ahead of time, WRc was able to carry out two more surveys on a 500mm main; that the client was concerned had a leak. These surveys were carried out under 10.5bar pressure and found three leaks, which confirmed the client's suspicions. The leaks were found under the river.

The survey team came away from Bilbao leaving a very happy client. The Pipeline Infrastructure SL Project Manager said: "It was a pleasure working with WRc, they were very professional. I look forward to a repeat experience.”

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