WRc develops first of its kind water treatment experimental rig for Scottish Water

August 11, 2017 Categories: Articles Latest News


At WRc we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our clients’ problems.

This week we showcased a first of its kind water treatment experimental rig at Gorthleck in Scotland, for Scottish Water and the Scottish Government. What makes the solution interesting is that it allows water to be treated at point of entry into the household. This is particularly useful for rural communities in Scotland, as it reduces the need for costly treatment works, whilst still putting consumer safety and convenience as a top priority.

The point of use treatment facilities are small and discreet, and can easily fit inside a kitchen cabinet. Paul Kerr, Head of Scottish Water Horizons, said: “Innovation and development is critical to the future of how the industry manages water effectively for years to come. The centre at Gorthleck provides a platform for innovators nationally and internationally to perform testing under live conditions, without any risk of detriment to drinking water quality or public health.”

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