WRc carries out successful SmartBall and PipeDiver Surveys for Caledonia Water Alliance on behalf of Scottish Water

July 14, 2017 Categories: Articles Latest News

SmartBall (leak detection) and PipeDiver (pipe condition) surveys were carried out on a section of concrete water main. Although detailed processing of the pipe condition data is still ongoing, initial results show a couple of isolated leaks on the line that require further investigation and repair. However, there were no other leaks detected which, given the established sensitivity of the SmartBall technology, indicates the rest of the pipeline is likely to be leak free.

The successful surveys help pave the way for future surveys, that will help Caledonia Water Alliance and Scottish Water better understand the condition and risks associated with operating their critical water transmission pipelines.

Watch our videos to see how WRc uses PipeDiver and SmartBall. WRc looks forward to working with Caledonia Water Alliance and Scottish Water on future projects.

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