WRc are pleased to be chosen by Environment Agency to review leakage elements of the company’s draft WRMPs

December 06, 2017 Categories: Latest News


Every 5 years water companies prepare Water Resource Management Plans that outline how they plan to ensure security of future water supplies.

The Asset Management Solutions Team at WRc are very pleased to announce the successful award by the Environment Agency for the review of the leakage management elements of the company’s plans.

The proactive management of leakage remains a key focus for water utilities and their customers, we are delighted to be involved in supporting the delivery of the UK Water industry’s regulators obligations. In order to deliver continued lower levels of leakage, companies will need to be looking to innovative methods for efficiently targeting and repairing leaks with minimum disruption to customers, we look forward to informing the Environment Agency based on our Independent, Research focused and innovative approach to leakage Management.

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