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WRc Approved : Increasing confidence in purchasing decisions

Over the past 20 years WRc has issued in excess of 400 approvals, increasing confidence for procurement decision makers that the products and services they are considering are fit for purpose and helping suppliers demonstrate the performance of their products and services to industry.


WRc now produces a bi-annual report detailing the full range of certifications and showcasing all new products to the WRc Approved directory. For access to this please click the list below.

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This edition of the WRc e-news provides details on the very latest products and services to recieve certification by WRc Approved. To find out how WRc Approved can help your businesses or product, please contact Simon Ayley on simon.ayley@wrcplc.co.uk

WRc Approved

NEW! The latest products to be WRc Approved


Drainforce Ltd

Installation of the Saertex-Liner system

Approval code - PT/299/0610

The Saertex-Liner® system comprises a glass fibre reinforced sleeve which is impregnated with a UV-cure

unsaturated polyester resin. The Saertex-Liner® is available in nominal diameters between 100mm and 1200mm

(S liner) and 100mm to 400mm (M liner).

The liner is delivered to site and winched into place through the existing sewer and inflated  The liner was winched into place through the existing sewer, inflated with air to allow a UV light train to pass through the inflated liner. The light train is controlled by computer and allows UV light to penetrate the polyester resin impregnated liner – the resin having a light sensitive catalyst added.

Once the UV light comes in contact with the lining, curing commences - the technique is fast and once the light train has passed a point, the lining at that point is cured consequently the engineer does not have to wait until a number of hours for curing of the full pipeline.

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Brandenburger GmbH

Brandenburger BB2.5 and BB1.0 full length UV  cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner systems

Approval code - PT/415/0118

Both systems comprise of a glass fibre reinforcement woven sleeve which is factory impregnated with an ultra violet (UV) light curing polyester or vinyl ester thermosetting resin. When installed and cured this forms a full length cured-in-place structural liner within the host pipe.

“All our liners are WRc approved since several years as the UK market is an essential part of our sales strategy and the WRc is the only reliable institution with the knowledge and experience in sewer rehabilitation. The approval process approval is really straightforward and concentrated on the real matters of quality and sustainability. Every client can rely on the quality of WRc approved products and installation companies, which is the most important part of the business. Because quality matters and that’s what the WRc stands for.”

Dominic Nagel, Brandenburger

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Ridgistorm XL Pipe System

Approval code - PT/442/0619

The Ridgistorm XL Pipe System is a large diameter structured wall pipe manufactured from virgin polyethylene. The Ridgistorm XL Pipe System is available in a range of diameters between 750mm and 3000mm in length  up to 12m in length. Pipes can be manufactured with pipe stiffness between 2 kN/m2 and 8kN/m2 and is  available in four profiled variations.

“The original assessment of the product was back in 2008, since then we have made several changes and had several reviews of the system. The team at WRc have always been friendly and have guided us through the approval process step by step. Their assessment of our product against the requirements was fair and we received good feedback on areas we could improve on. The certificate has helped us win business from a number of different markets over the years and we would definitely recommend WRc to other businesses seeking approval.”

Freddie Day, Quality Manager, Polypipe Civils.

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BLUELiGHT® PAA-F Liner™ LED Cured-in-Place  Pipe lining system

Approval code - PT/437/0519

The lining system is for the rehabilitation of gravity drains and sewers in diameters of between 100mm to 250mm. PAA-F- LINER™ LED Liner for diameters of 100 mm to 250mm, where the system can accommodate a  imensional diameter change of up to 33% and a maximum bend of 90° with folding.

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Funke Kunststoffe GmbH

HS® Drainage Pipe System

Approval code - PT/443/0719 & PT/444/0719

The HS® Drainage Pipe System fittings are part of the HS® Drainage Pipe System uPVC gravity sewer system and are available from DN/OD 110 to DN/OD 800. The fittings can be used in conjunction with the Funke HS® drainage pipe system and are compatible with  other solid wall pipe systems. Pipes can be manufactured with pipe stiffness of SN12 (12 kN/m2) and SN16 (16kN/m2) up to 5m in length.

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