WRc Approved™

Independent certification of products and services

WRc Approved is an international 'fitness for purpose' certification scheme run by WRc. It is a certification scheme which provides an independent technical view on whether a product is fit to do the job for which it is claimed or a contractor is fit to provide a specified service to help suppliers demonstrate the performance of their products and services. Buyers can have confidence in WRc Approved reducing risks in procurement. Quality, performance and installation are all covered in the assessment of the product or service. 

Over 425 Approvals have been issued since the scheme started in 1995. Approved products include pipes, lining and repair systems, flow control systems, inspection systems, fittings, manholes and access chambers and software. Approved services include soil surveys, CCTV type inspection and drain repair contractors; these are all focused on demonstrating good workmanship.

Approved certification is of value to both UK and international companies; and have been issued to products from Australia, Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands,  Israel, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, UK and USA.  WRc Approved certification provides confidence to the purchaser saving them time in vetting claims set out by the supplier and encourages genuine suppliers to develop new technologies and services that can bring benefit to the sector.

The assessment can be set against an existing standard or, for novel products WRc can use its extensive knowledge of the UK and international water industry to develop appropriate requirements.

Any product or service can be Approved. For a ‘novel’ product where no standards exist, we utilise our knowledge and expertise to ensure the Approval is robust and appropriate for the industry.

To find out how WRc Approved can help your business, please visit www.wrcapproved.com.

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