WRc and the EC Aquavalens Project - Close and future developments

January 26, 2018 Categories: Latest News

This week, WRc’s Robert Pitchers and Janis Eglitis of the Treatment Team travelled to Lisbon to participate in final review meeting of the EC Aquavalens Project, present at the Small Systems workshop and take part in the technology transfer workshop with delegates from Africa.

The 5 year project involved 38 partners alongside WRc (where Robert was a member of the Executive Committee and leader of one of the four project clusters), focusing on developing and evaluating technologies and tools for the detection of pathogens in raw and treated drinking water and drinking water used for food processing and preparation.

The meeting in Lisbon was held to discuss the final outputs and bring the project to a close. Opportunities were taken to highlight areas for further work and identify where some of the technologies assessed through the project would be highly beneficial, for large and small supplies. Two further areas of promise are the use of online instrumentation for monitoring changes in the quality of raw water, and application of microbial source tracking as a tool for improving the safety of drinking water.

For further information or to obtain a copy of the project brochure, please email Robert Pitchers at robert.pitchers@wrcplc.co.uk


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