Water Efficiency

Cut water use by a third, increase efficiency and save money

As specialists in understanding where, when and in what quantities water is used in homes and businesses, WRc water efficiency services can help you benefit from significant savings on water and energy utility bills.

Water audit

Our ‘follow the pipe’ approach combined with detailed surveys of all fixtures and fittings and benchmarking against the Water Labelling Scheme by our highly skilled technicians ensures no opportunity to eliminate losses and increase water efficiency is missed.

Leak detection

We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry at identifying leaks. Benefiting from the experience of delivering some of the largest leak detection projects in the UK and abroad, our leak detection engineers utilise the latest technology to ensure minimal disruption to customers.


As independent experts with a long history of providing specialist water metering services, we can advise on the deployment and operation of meters allowing you to gain greater insights into water use, enabling action to improve water management and save money.

Water reuse and processes

Unique in the consultancy arena, our treatment process team provides cutting edge, tailored solutions covering all aspects of water and wastewater treatment including: water reuse and recycling, integrated water management, process design and optimisation and regulatory compliance.

Matt Hart head of water efficiency Tel: +44(0) 1793 865096