Waste Characterisation & Classification

Resource recovery underpinned by waste characterisation.

WRc helps clients to understand the basic characteristics of their wastes - type, quantity, physical and chemical properties and waste classification  - in order to make informed recovery option assessments. We also assess other materials and products to advise on end-of-life recovery and disposal options.

We work for manufacturers, waste producers and trade bodies across multiple industrial sectors, using bespoke approaches and novel test methods that position us between routine laboratories and universities. As an independent trusted advisor to industry, our verified solutions have credibility with the regulators.

We undertake biodegradability, hazardous property, environmental risk and end-of-waste assessments. WRc offers sampling plan development and a three-tiered approach to 15 hazardous property assessments according to Environment Agency guidance WM3 (http://bit.ly/1SQ2SL6).  WRc’s waste doctors also undertake specialist testing (e.g. selective chemical extraction, geochemical and thermodynamic modelling and weight of evidence reviews of chemical classifications). These can be used to obtain a more favourable outcome than face-value comparisons of worst case compounds against hazardous property concentration limits.

We highlight ‘problem’ parameters which may compromise zero waste to landfill and other resource recovery goals. This includes routine monitoring of feedstocks and treatment residues from mechanical, biological, chemical and thermal waste treatment processes. We also provide landfill waste acceptance criteria (WAC) assessments, if the waste is to be landfilled rather than recovered or treated, once we have carried out a hazardous property assessment to classify the waste as hazardous or non-hazardous.

Jane Turrell Principal consultant