TR61 celebrates 40 years!

November 23, 2017 Categories: Latest News



WRc is celebrating 40 years of TR61, a large collection of capital and operational cost estimation models for the water industry. TR61 was first published in hard copy in November 1977 and the cost models have been regularly updated ever since. The 13th edition was issued to participating water utilities in October 2017, as a comprehensive software cost estimation tool.

TR61 currently includes capex, opex, refurbishment and totex cost models for water and wastewater treatment and infrastructure. There are also matching carbon models for capital items and operational routines, and the carbon cost can optionally be included in the totex assessment. The various models were developed from water utility construction and operational cost data and are used by water utilities for benchmarking against their own models, asset valuation, optioneering and investment planning.

David Sivil, TR61 technical lead comments “I would like to thank current and previous water utility representatives and WRc staff who have contributed to the continued success of this important and valuable collaboration project. Preparations are already being made for developing TR61 Version 14!”

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