Sustainable Sewer Grit Recycling

The UK generates an estimated 40,000 tonnes of sewer grits arisings annually. Traditionally, sewer grits have been used on-site for land reclamation or small scale construction projects, for landfill cover, or disposed to landfill.

In 2012 WRc investigated opportunities for increased recycling sewer grit to improve the environmental sustainability of UK waste treatment operations and avoid landfill disposal and associated costs.

The project incorporated site visits to pilot scale and operational facilities and reviewed available information on:

  • sewer grit arisings;
  • current and potential sewer grit management options;
  • legislation and permitting requirements; and
  • operational and financial implications of alternative treatment and recovery options,.

Participants in this WRc Portfolio project now have data on performance, operability, product quality and whole life costs for a number of alternative sewer grit recovery options to support water utility investment. 

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