Software Development

Providing tailored software for best practice process
monitoring/optimisation and operations management

The treatment processes team develops and applies bespoke tools which tailor for individual client needs for process optimization, operations management, water consumption best practice, dedicated operator training and additional requirements.

The software offered includes:

  • Operator Training Tools (OTT) – Tailored to client requirements and provides an experiential training tool for operators mimicking real-time SCADA screens. This can be developed and applied for water and wastewater process lines
  • CFD modeling – Advanced CFD software with add-ons as needed
  • STOAT – Wastewater process design and dynamic modeling
  • POLECAT – Optimisation of water use for CIP processes   
  • GACMan - GAC management software and breakthrough prediction
Simon Ayley director of Water and EnvironmentTel: +44 (0) 1793 865000