Resources Scotland Conference Raises the Bar

October 28, 2016 Categories: Latest News

WRc attended the Resources Scotland Conference in Edinburgh on Oct 5 & 6. One of the most interesting parts was the joined-up and consistent approach, especially when compared to England. There was a coherent and strong message given to the sector by the Minister, Roseanna Cunningham MSP and representation from her office across the two days, with people really taking note of what was being said. Excitingly, Scotland is actively engaged in the circular economy and aims to have its own Circular Economy Act that WRc were asked to contribute to. Philippa Roberts, Head of Circular Economy, WRc, made her contribution from the floor during the Q&A, reinforcing the importance of strategic planning of.. planning, especially in terms of housing developments and the importance of early engagement with utilities and waste service providers. It will be interesting to see what the Act looks like in a year's time.

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