When considering improvements for small urban wastewater systems, the combined impact of intermittent and continuous discharges needs to be evaluated. A simple but reliable approach is necessary, commensurate with the scale of such systems. WRc’s UPM rapid assessment tool (UPM-RAT) is specifically designed for this purpose. Based on the principles of integrated modelling, its key features are:

  • A fully integrated model of CSOs, storm tank, WwTW and river reaches.
  • Continuous simulation over multi-year periods - rainfall can be tailored to regional patterns.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Automatic calibration of sewer hydraulics to agree with information from an InfoWorks/HydroWorks catchment model. This allows users to rapidly create a simplified sewer network from available information.
  • Options for using different runoff models.
  • Concise on-screen results output showing:
    • CSO spill frequencies and volumes
    • Storm tank spill frequencies and volume
    • River reach performance against Fundamental Intermittent Standards (FIS)
    • River reach performance against Percentile standards.

Simulations take only a few minutes and can be easily repeated with different assumptions. Each run generates a separate results file that can be printed.

UPM-RAT will be of interest to both Utilities wanting to develop upgrading proposals and Environmental Regulators who wish to check the acceptability of such proposals. For more information, please read our flyer.

Simon Clarke head of catchment management Tel: +44(0) 1793 865000