STORMPAC™ is a fully supported software package that generates hourly rainfall time series for the UK. It provides UPM studies with rainfall data for analysis of the effect of storms on sewer networks during rehabilitation design.

Key features include:

  • Generation of hourly rainfall time series for any location in the UK or Sweden from historical hourly data or location information.
  • Calculations of Catchment Wetness Indexes (UCWI and API 30).
  • Processing of hourly rainfall into a chronological event database.
  • Sorting of events using storm depth, intensity, duration, dry period, UCWI, API30, dry period or bathing season.
  • Disaggregation of hourly rainfall data into 5-minute rainfall intensity values.
  • Outputs in a format suitable for input to HydroWorks, InfoWorks, Rwin or SIMPOL 2.1.

A STORMPAC™ helpdesk subscription gives users support in using the software.

For more information view the STORMPAC™ flyer. To download the user guide click here.

Sarah Clist Consultant Scientist Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865018