Rapid Tracking of Hydrocarbon Contamination
in Drinking Water

The presence of hydrocarbon compounds in drinking water, usually following customer complaints, is the most common contamination incident dealt with by water companies.

These hydrocarbons can change the appearance, taste and odour of drinking water, usually at low concentrations (µg/l) where toxicity is not a problem. It is often difficult to determine the most likely source of contamination based on the small amount of information available, but identifying the source could prove to be essential in addressing the complaint and preventing any further contamination.

Developed by WRc’s National Centre for Environmental Toxicology in collaboration with Bristol Water, Northumbrian Water, Severn Trent Water, Thames Water and United Utilities, the Rapid Tracking of Hydrocarbon Contamination in Drinking Water database provides a source to help companies achieve this aim.

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