PE Liner Failure Investigation

WRc were commissioned by a large UK tier 1 contractor to undertake a failure investigation of PE liner used to rehabilitate 9 km long 39 inch diameter raw water main. The liner, which had been installed by another contractor, was subject to a series of isolated failures had been identified in one 80 m section of the main. At the failures the liner was found to wrinkled and pierced.

WRc undertook a failure investigation of the PE liner by means of a visual assessment from the CCTV inspection video, testing of samples of the liner material and other mechanical testing. From these results WRc's experts concluded that the liner material was not the reason for failure and the failure was due to poor workmanship on one isolated short section. This gave the contractor and end client confidence in the remaining lined sections and the installed liner negating the need for any further remedial works on the lined sections.

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