Development of Non-contact Wastewater Load Monitor


The Loadmon concept is a totally new approach to wastewater load measurement based on the interrogating the wastewater sample using light at different wavelengths. From the light detected by the instrument it is possible to deduce some of the wastewater properties such as suspended solids and COD. The great advantage is that this can be done at a range of over a metre, so that it is truly non-contact, like an ultrasonic level transducer. Very little maintenance is required, and is restricted to occasional cleaning of the window and a calibration check. No reagents are needed.

WRc is collaborating with four UK water companies, Oxford University and a manufacturing partner to take this concept to commercial reality. The technology is currently on pre commercialisation field trials

Dr Leo Carswell head of technology Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865000