UKWIR Microbiology Advisory Service

The Microbiology Advisory Service provides an expert independent assessment of the scientific literature on micro-organisms of concern in drinking water related disease. The project serves to support water companies in their duty to safeguard the quality of drinking water from source to tap. It examines the health significance of known and emerging human pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. The Microbial Advisory Service provides the Water Industry with authoritative and relevant information in the form of a series of factsheets on waterborne pathogens and an “early warning” of potential threats to the safety of public drinking water supplies posed by emerging or novel pathogens.

The Microbiology Advisory Service consists of:

  1. A database of Microsheets on micro-organisms of relevance to drinking water.
  2. Topic Reviews that maintain a current awareness of the risks posed by existing and emerging waterborne pathogens.
  3. Special Topics that provide water companies with a comprehensive review on a theme of emerging interest.
Simon Clarke head of catchment management Tel: +44(0) 1793 865000