MBT Monitoring Services

The Waste and Resource Efficiency team at WRc provide a unique consultancy service to our clients. Our ability to undertake experimental testing in purpose-built in-house laboratory testing facilities has underpinned UK and European research programmes, treatment trials and our consultancy services to the waste industry and regulators for over 30 years.

Recent legislation is driving the generation of new, treated organic and inorganic wastes for recovery of value. Good quality waste characterisation data are fundamental to optimal process operation and achievement of performance targets.

WRc has supported the waste management industry in monitoring waste treatment processes which include mechanical biological treatment, composting, anaerobic digestion and thermal treatment for many years. We have expertise in the design and management of commissioning and longer term compliance monitoring and testing programmes. These are aimed at understanding the inherent composition and biodegradability characteristics of various input feedstock and process outputs and provide our clients with “state of the art” data and information on the characteristics of pre and post-treatment wastes. We are able to handle manufacturing and industrial source segregated waste streams in addition to household and commercial and industrial mixed residual waste streams. The testing programmes involve sample preparation and analysis, various types of digestion tests, evaluation of test results and assessment of test performance in line with the desired objectives.

WRc has an extensive historic in-house data set to provide context to new testing programmes. 

Jane Turrell Principal consultant Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865000