Leakage Management – Sharing Ideas
Between the Water and Gas Sectors


Gas distribution networks want to adopt best practices from overseas or other sectors that prove viable within the UK gas network, they also understand the impact methane has on carbon emissions and wish to reduce this as much as economically possible. This research, unique in the gas industry is undertaking a close technical review of the water industries approach to leakage strategies to learn and share best practices.

The project is identifying the benefits from the transfer of approaches and techniques used in the water industry and identifying potential improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of gas industry leakage management. It will also Identify routes to leakage reduction during the early part of RIIO GD1 to maximise the duration for implementation and net benefits to customers. It may also provide longer term strategic planning that will impact on RIIO GD2”

The project has identified a number of opportunities for transfer from water distribution leakage practice to the gas distribution sector and a test programme is now underway to investigate the feasibility of these approaches in the gas sector.

Richard Foster SENIOR WATER NETWORK ENGINEER Tel: +44 (0)1793 865000