Assessing the Effectiveness of the
Catchment Sensitive Farming Project

The Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Project is a flagship advice project in England designed to reduce agricultural water pollution. Since the inception of the Project in 2006, WRc has supported the Environment Agency’s Monitoring and Evaluation team in determining whether CSF has achieved its objectives of raising farmer awareness, reducing pollution, and improving environmental quality.

WRc has developed a methodology to detect and quantify improvements in water quality and to relate these changes to the amount and timing of CSF advice delivered to evaluate the water quality benefits of CSF through each phase of the project.

These studies were able to demonstrate that actions to reduce water pollution from agriculture can have a positive impact on river water quality and have been influential in optimising CSF’s monitoring programme, securing continued funding for the CSF Project, and informing Defra’s policy on rural diffuse pollution.

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