Support to the European Commission
on the Implementation of the Water
Framework and Other Directives

WRc has provided support to the European Commission DG Environment on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive for over 10 years. Leading a consortium of companies providing expertise from across Europe, WRc now focuses primarily on the technical assessment of the implementation of the WFD and Floods Directive. This work involves working closely with the Commission to develop requirements for the provision of information by the Member States, the concepts and approaches to compliance assessment, and then carrying out the assessment of the technical aspects of implementation in Member States.

Other work carried out under this framework contract has included preparatory work for a joint Water-Marine-Biodiversity-Nature workshop, conducting a review of the Annexes of the Groundwater Directive and preparing proposals for their revision, the provision of technical support to the development of a guidance document on the establishment of e-flows, and providing technical support to the Working Group on Programmes of Measures.

Simon Clarke head of catchment management Tel: +44(0) 1793 865000