Getting to the bottom of rainwater harvesting
and grey water reuse for the water industry

As the UK’s water resources become ever more scarce, using alternative sources of water – such as rainwater harvesting and grey water reuse - are attractive options to reduce overall reliance on mains fed water. On paper they both provide cost-savings to the user from reduced water and sewerage bills, and reduce mains water consumption resulting in carbon savings and reduced opex costs for water companies.

Under our portfolio research programme, WRc undertook a thorough review from a water industry perspective of the risks and benefits the systems could offer. Real risks associated with these systems include water quality problems from cross connections, and poor maintenance taking them out of service.

Using this information companies are in a position to understand their potential exposure from systems being installed in their area, and whether or not to actively engage with this developing industry to influence the direction it may take. Companies can also decide on the best advice to provide their own customers who may be considering such systems.

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