Collaborating to identify and develop solutions to
shared problems enabling improved efficiency
and a better future.

Portfolio is a unique concept. It is a collaboration between organisations with both the problems and with the solutions. It is core to WRc's philosophy and approach to supporting and delivering solutions for our clients.

Portfolio delivers research focussed on shared needs that relate to specific problems and issues faced by our clients on a daily basis. These concerns can relate to operational problems, regulatory issues or preparation for future challenges; they are identified and developed through open consultation and feedback and delivered in co-operation with the client group.

We bring the best skills together by drawing on our delivery partners, who include academic and other research institutions, and we seek to leverage funding from Innovate UK, the Research Councils and EU frameworks such as Horizon 2020.

Portfolio is the quickest way for our clients to reduce their costs and gain from sharing knowledge and experience with others. It is innovation through collaboration.






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