Pollution & Flooding Prevention   

Improving the serviceability of sewer networks to reduce the damaging impacts of failures on customers in the form of external and internal sewer flooding and the environment in terms of pollution incidents is the major challenge for Water companies going forward. Meeting this challenge against a backdrop of a growing population, climate change, an ageing network sewer and sewer misuse in its many forms presents them with many difficult but not unsurmountable problems.


WRc is uniquely placed to provide solutions that tackle these problems by focussing on improved use of data, smart technologies and engineering knowledge to provide companies with a more proactive, targeted and therefore a more efficient approach to sewerage management. 

The WRc team provide a multi-facetted approach to sewer operations combining innovation in data gathering, new smart sensor evaluation and our considerable practical experience of sewerage operations to develop proactive and applicable operational strategies. This involves having a clear understanding of how and why sewers fail, what can be learnt from failures and how the lessons learnt can be applied to prevent failure from occurring again the future. WRc develop intelligent solutions to network issues by determining the factors that influence failure and use all available data to better understand the patterns of these failures across a network and then to maximise this information to develop solutions aimed at improving operational practice or targeting smart technology in a cost effective manner to provide greater visibility of network performance.

WRc are able to offer a multi-disciplinary team of experts across key areas of research in this area notably:

  • Blockage formation
  • Flushable product testing
  • Fats Oils and Grease
  • Rising Main failures and inspection (WRc Sahara/Smartball/Pipediver)
  • Sewer Operations including sewer cleansing and condition assessment (CCTV)
  • Sewer renovation including the Sewer Risk Management
  • Government Policy and British Standards
  • Pump station maintenance
  • Data Analytics
  • Technology evaluation

WRc are also able to provide 1-2-1 scale test facilities at our Swindon offices to replicate sewer operation and test technologies blockage formation and the disintegration of flushable products in small diameter sewers.

Peter Henley head of pollution & flooding Prevention Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865000