Municipal Sector

Leaders in providing innovation treatment
solutions to the municipal sector

We are leaders in providing services to the municipal sector for assisting in the attainment of short term and long term business goals (compliance, best CAPEX investment, OPEX reduction) through the application of multidisciplinary process approaches and innovative strategies.

The municipal water sector, both in the UK and globally, faces challenges in light of climatic changes, water shortage, more stringent regulatory compliance, emerging micro-pollutants, the need to reduce carbon footprint, and to implement energy efficient processes. The treatment processes team has decades of experience in providing solutions to the municipal sector, in the UK and abroad,  in addressing immediate needs for process improvements/efficiency/compliance/OPEX reductions while also developing strategic approaches for tackling future challenges aligned with clients' business objectives.

The services provided to the municipal sector include:

  • Research projects for developing strategies in water and wastewater treatment for clients (e.g. algae and T&O control, disinfection by-product reduction, energy benchmarking, nutrient removal, emerging technologies and more)
  • Process selection, optimisation and control
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site Investigations/audits
  • Independent process technology evaluations/market feasibility
  • Dedicated software development for process optimization
  • Operator training schemes
  • Rapid delivery of practical solutions in immediate response scenarios
  • Odour management (emission quantification, dispersion modelling, odour control optimisation and testing, OMP reviews and promoting good practice)
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