Maintaining & Updating Certification

Being certified as an Approved Contractor re. WIS 4-02-01 requires regular review of the materials, equipment and quality management system (QMS) that you use and were originally certified against.

A review and re-assessment normally occur every 5 years; however you are required to advise WRc Certifying Body when:

  • a change occurs to your business
  • you wish to modify the rig design
  • there will be a change to the rig / resin combination

Equally, WRc will advise if there are any changes to the WIS 4-02-01 and let you know of any action you may need to take to maintain certification, and whether this will require further audit or assessment.

As an approved Certifying Body WRc have the right to refuse certification, suspend, withdraw, or terminate certification.  If, at any point during the application, audit / assessment process or after your certification you disagree with a decision we have made, please refer to our Complaints and Appeals page, or call or email us.

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